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The whole never-aging thing means that a girls gotta keep moving, and Im headed for Austin and a new business venture: Vintage Vamps Emporium. Shes determined to get her business and her love life back on track, but she becomes the target of Energy Vampires. --suck out her stored power to make Vampire Viagra.

After all, I love cute clothes, and I am an antique. The EVs are paranormal drug pushers taking advantage of the boredom that immortals experience after centuries of Been there, done that. Even Glorys roomie, Florence da Vinci, is tempted by their charismatic leader and his promises of fulfillment.

The next couple of years are going to have some great movies showing up.

Kmont over at Lurv a la Mode has already started thinking of 2010 reading challenges and has decided to host one herself.

If you act immature enough and hang around long enough, an older woman will just mistake you for another one of her children and let you live at her house rent-free.

An older woman will never get pregnant and then suddenly demand that the two of you get married.

We bounce around her head with her as she vacillates between knowing and not knowing, trusting and not trusting. It’s been a long time since I got to the end of a book and said “Where’s the rest? Without giving too much away, I would love to know what happens next, but I think the author made the right choice in ending it the way she did. Krishna’s Books: Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep – S.

We applaud each step she takes forward, and cringe with each step she takes backwards. The twist was not at all what I expected; the bait-and-switch was brilliant.

Thinking I have a whole lifetime of choice ahead of me. And the one person you trust may be telling you only half the story. Before I Go To Sleep is easily one of the best books of the summer, and I don’t throw around the term "best" lightly. By the time I got to the beginning of her journal, I was hooked for sure. There’s something compelling about a book with an unreliable narrator. Watson [2011] | Mad Bibliophile Before I Go To Sleep, by S. Watson – Book Review | Linus’s Blanket Lesa’s Book Critiques: Before I Go to Sleep by S. Watson Review : Before I Go to Sleep « The Infinite Shelf – A Book Blog Page count: 368 (’11 total: 15,054) | Approximate word count: 92,000 (’11 total: 5,365,870) 2010: Killing Orders (Sara Paretsky) 2009: Mating Rituals of the North American WASP (Lauren Lipton) 2008: Beautiful Lies (Lisa Unger) 2007: Midnight in Death (J. Robb) 2006: Proof (Dick Francis) 2005: Seven Up (Janet Evanovich) Used in these Challenges: ARC Reading Challenge 2011; Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2011; This book was a chilling portrait of an abusive relationship and its aftermath.Makes us think twice about what people call love at first sight and true love and all such things No matter how often we say that you should look at the inside of a person, beauty will always play a part in how we judge a person when we first meet them.The guys all celebrated Austin‘s 18th birthday – he will be turning legal TOMORROW (April 4).Only problem is, theres a billionaire techno-freak vampire hunter on the loose. Glory wont cooperate willingly, but, when the scumbags rob her faithful doggie protector Valdez of his power, that gets her attention.Blades in total he-vampire mode, and orders me to move in so he can protect me. Glory will do anything to save him, even shape-shift into something the jaded EVs cant fight.

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