Hiv positive dating stories

For the successful gay 20-something, the threat of HIV can almost seem outdated, a scary memory that our community is lucky to forget.This dangerous fallacy is what led me to get gobsmacked with a dose of reality during my routine, "socially responsible" STD test -- you know, the one you get right after hitting the gym and right before dinner and drinks at some glamorous undisclosed location.Althought their stories differed, one thing remained constant.

I first found out I was HIV when just 20 years of age. I’m 43 now and have been single again for the past 3 years. It won’t sit downstairs while you get on with getting to know someone. Apart from one major exception a much younger me tried to behave like any other person out there looking for happiness. Or wherever they and I had chanced to meet and begun to develop an interest in each other.Editor's Note: This was my first essay about living with HIV.Since this was published, I have been approached by gay men from all over the globe who disclosed their HIV-positive status in confidence.The thing about coming out about anything is you can never truly know how life will be on the other side.But three years later, I can say that coming out about my status and telling my story was the best decision I have ever made.

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