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After the move from Delft to Wageningen, the facilities are now fully operational again The Wageningen UR magazine Resource reported on the new luminescence dating facility Scripts for Bootstrap analysis of equivalent dose distributions available from our site.The NCL is proud to present Lumi D; a database with information about all samples processed by the NCL and of published information on samples from the Netherlands dated in other luminescence dating laboratories.Dutch pottery manufacturers began to make tiles in the 16th century, first influenced by Italian, and later Chinese manufacturers (the famous Dutch blue actually began as an imitation of Chinese porcelain).The Dutch initially used tiles for practical purposes - for safety in the fireplaces of their wooden houses, and in their kitchens.Guests can use Lumi D to search for samples using a range of search criteria.NCL customers can download an order form to submit new samples and track progress of their projects.

Delftware includes pottery objects of all descriptions such as plates, ornaments and tiles.To say that Roeland Kramer knows Dutch tiles is a bit like saying that Tiger Woods knows golf.Roeland and his brother Sebastiaan own Kramer Kunst & Antiek, a large antique store at the corner of Nieuwe Spiegelstraat (Amsterdam's Antiques Row) and the Prinsengracht Canal, that specializes in Delftware and tiles.Luminescence dating determines the last exposure to light or heat of natural minerals, mainly quartz and feldspar.Thereby the method can be used to determine the time of deposition and burial of sediments, or the time of baking of ceramic artefacts (pottery, brick).

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