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“And Matt and Jeannie Mc Carthy, the casting director, found this amazing group of kids.” Beside Bodevan — all the kids have unique names — there is the youngest, Nai (Charlie Shotwell); resentful son Rellian (Nicholas Hamilton); tomboyish Zaja (Shree Crooks); and teen daughters Kielyr (Samantha Isler) and Vespyr (Annalise Basso).Before filming, Mortensen and the young actors got together in the woods to practice rock-climbing, martial arts and music, as the family sings and plays together.“We got along really well, respecting each other’s different personalities, and that comes through in the movie,” he says.Did you know that Aragorn from "Lord of the Rings" drives a Ford Fusion in real life?It's one of many interesting tidbits from a new Esquire cover story about Watertown High School and St. The actor picked up writer Lisa De Paulo at Syracuse Hancock International Airport and drove her in his rental car to his hometown of Watertown and back as she interviewed him about his new movie "Captain Fantastic." "Two and a half hours into our journey, Mortensen and I stop for coffee at a joint he likes because his mother used to go there as a teenager," De Paulo writes. We sit at the bar, and no one seems to recognize him, not even the pretty bartendress he chats up about Syracuse basketball." Of course, one waitress did recognize him -- but as her classmate, not the Hollywood star who was nominated for an Oscar for the 2007 gritty crime thriller "Eastern Promises." She wanted to know if he was coming to their 40th high school reunion in July.Altogether, the round trip took eight hours as they discussed why his obsession with death ("I guess living in the countryside, I might've learned about it earlier"); how his parents met (mom Grace was from Watertown and met Viggo Sr., a Danish farmer, on a trip to Norway); why he hand-picks smaller films after the original "LOTR" trilogy made him a star ("I mean, how much f---ing money do you need?") and how he fears he'll get dementia one day, just like both of his parents.So he seemed a perfect fit for Ben, but he and Ross, who plays Gavin Belson on HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” knew the casting of the children was crucial for the success of Captain Fantastic,” which opens today.

De acuerdo con un artículo de Esquire en el 2016 sobre él, Mortensen vive con su novia en Madrid.It was the epic Lord Of The Rings trilogy, in which Mortensen played warrior king Aragorn, that propelled him to global stardom and earned him legions of fans. He has learned what it is to be the persistent quarry of autograph hunters. People will say: "I don't mean to interrupt" - although they're doing it anyway - "but can you sign this? To better understand Aragorn, he camped in the wilderness of New Zealand, where the trilogy was filmed, wearing his character's mud-besmirched clothes.With similar diligence, he absorbed himself in the Halder role. You realise carpenters built these places, electricians wired them, and you start to visualise the reality.I mean, when I was a little kid, some of my first memories are waking up and going, “Ugh, I’m gonna die”… But he is returning to the silver screen with a new movie called Captain Fantastic that debuted at Cannes, about a man who chooses to raise six his kids away from society.En los Premios Oscar de esta noche, Viggo Mortensen ha sido nominado a Mejor Actor por su papel en la película Captain Fantastic.

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