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See pictures from his childhood, his days as a young player, his marriage to and divorce from high school sweetheart Marlene Terblanche, his later marriage to Amor Vittone, and how their family life unfolded.

The app also revisits the dark period when a sex video brought Joost to his knees, the road he and Amor walked and now his life with MND.

The app lets you search by workout distance, running, biking, dog walking, hiking, and more. It’s also aimed at women, which is rare and nice to see, and allows you to target any body part with beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises. Or does your body simply no longer respond to that same old workout? You can check in on what kinds of workouts your friends are doing, chat with people in the groups you’ve joined and log your own workouts.

It’s also incredibly useful if you want to come up with a gym routine to follow.

We will gladly send experienced CFI spokespersons to most any meeting, radio show, TV show for discussions. Webcast of live nudecasters reporting the latest nudist news from our studio at CFI Headquarters and from all over the world.

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Strava Run For i Phone and Android; free but upgrade also available.

Use its built-in GPS to track your session, monitor your progress and then begin to compete with yourself and other Strava users. Map My Run i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad; free This easy to use running app ticks all the boxes for outdoors exercise.

When you get to the gym, open up the app and your workout is waiting for you. It makes you more aware of what you are eating and makes you think twice about putting empty calories into your mouth, which is why I recommend this app to anyone wanting to lose weight.

It's not just for typing; it supports video chat, as well.

Sign in to one, and then you can add others to the overall list of friends.

Data is sent automatically to, where you can view your full statistical readouts of each run, like how many calories burnt, your average speed and other elements such as elevation and total runs to date. Log your pace, distance, calories as well as plan routes and check them back afterwards. Nike Training Club by Nike Inc For i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad; free If you can’t make it down to one of Nike’s regular Run or training clubs, this nifty app is the next best thing.

You can also tap the app to locate routes in your local area, while seeing how quickly other users have completed this route. You can also log your food intake, create new runs and see existing routes by other Map My Run users. It gives you access to a bunch of expert-led 15-45 minute workouts right from your phone, and talks you through exactly how to get the best of each of them, all while playing your favourite music in the background. Fitocracy For i Phone, i Pod Touch, i Pad; free Are you sick of walking into the gym looking for workout inspiration?

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