Black dating man oprah white woman

Many are color blind, they do not see the color, they see the individual.

Some black men marry white women for true love, some, because they think white women are more independent , and both will bring something to the table, unlike African culture that thinks it's the man's job to provide.

People should marry for all the right reasons, love, companionship and not for money or green card.

I swear people must think Black women are some of the most pathetic creatures on the planet.

wrote this about one of the only Black Billionaires (the founder of BET was once one, but he lost that ranking in a series of bad investments and blamed the citizens of Charlotte for his misfortune): Television programming would be different in a world without Oprah Winfrey.

Before she came on the scene, there were assumptions concerning what a television show host was supposed to look like.

Every where I turn I am bombarded with media images that seem to say we are sad and lonely or else we are sex crazed hoes who are thinking with our vaginas and not our brains and thus contributing to the planet’s overpopulation problem.

I guess the only happy Black women on the planet are First Lady Michelle Obama and the queen of daytime talk Oprah Winfrey.

And sadly, some who live in Africa that think the white woman will be their ticket out of Africa.

" Winfrey and Graham took the photo at Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine's wedding Sunday.

The 37-year-old model and 62-year-old Interscope Records co-founder married in Malibu, Calif., and requested female guests wear red.

Winfrey and Graham have been together since 1986, but largely keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

The couple were engaged in 1992 but never wed, and Winfrey later told Access Hollywood she doesn't believe she'll ever marry.

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